JSC "Kokand Superphosphate Plant" is a joint stock company and is part of the State Joint Stock Company "Uzkimyosanoat".

"Uzkimyosanoat" - the company that manages state assets. The company currently consists of 11 large industrial enterprises, 13 regional distribution companies, design and research institutes, freight forwarding company, and 3 joint ventures.

JSC "Kokand superphosphate plant" is one of the largest enterprises producing phosphate fertilizers. Current products are mainly exported to the CIS countries and foreign countries such as Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states and others.

For the enterprise a lot of attention is paid to the implementation of a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The main activity of the enterprise edition of phosphate fertilizers - superphosphate ammoniated and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. The company also produces nitrogen-fertilizer calcium - calcium nitrate crystalline, water-dispersion paint, gaseous and liquid oxygen, foundry and metal products for agricultural machinery, wood products and various goods needs.


Purpose. The main objective of the company - the integration of economic interests, intellectual abilities, both tangible and intangible, human and financial resources in accordance with the shareholders to conduct business for profit.

Subject of activity. The main objects of the company are: production and its realization in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as the sale of products abroad in freely convertible currency at world market prices;

Shipping by rail, shipping and road transport of passengers; wholesale and retail trade; Paid services to the population; Maintenance and improvement of production facilities and technologies;

International quality. To bring into line with international industry standards, the company carries out appropriate procedures and rules to ensure high quality and create the conditions for the implementation of these products on the world market in unlimited quantities.