» Commodities of national needs
Commodities of national needs

Commodities of national needs

Ammonia water - aqueous ammonia solution in which it exists predominantly in the form of ammonium hydroxide are called ammonia water, produced a 25% ammonia solution. Ammonia water is used in agriculture as fertilizer.

Sulphuric acid battery - as electrolyte for batteries, a solution of sulfuric acid in the battery distilled water. For different climatic and temperature conditions in which the battery will operate the electrolyte of different density. The density of the electrolyte depends on the concentration of sulfuric acid battery - the higher the concentration of the solution, the greater the density of the electrolyte solution and the temperature - the higher the temperature, the lower the density. The concentration or density of the electrolyte is an accurate measure vacuum degree battery.

Foundry products - manholes, parts for agricultural transport vices, etc.

Wood products - soft chairs, national Suri, coffee table, bookcase, cabinets, window frames, etc.