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About the company

JSC "Kokand Superphosphate Plant" is one of the oldest in the country and is profiled for the production of mineral fertilizers (superphosphate ammoniated in dried and granulated form) of the phosphate deposit "Tashkura" Kyzylkum phosphorite plant.

 JSC "Kokand Superphosphate Plant" has arisen on the basis of bulk blending plant.

 Bulk blending plant, which was part of GLAVAZOTA People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry, commissioned in June 1935.

 The initial range of products were organic-fertilizer blends. In wartime factory worked on the issue o f defense products. In January 1942, the plant began to produce explosive dinamon "F". The release of this matter lasted until 1945.

 In 1941, construction began superphosphate plant using equipment exported to Nevsky and the Resurrection of chemical plants.

Work on the commissioning of the 1st stage was completed in 1946, 6 April 1946 was put into operation 1st stage superphosphate plant. The raw material for producing apatite and superphosphate were imported sulfuric acid.

At the same time construction began on the sulfuric acid plant. It finished in September 1947.

In connection with the discovery of phosphate Karatau pool one of the first plant mastered the technology to produce superphosphate from phosphate Karatau.

In 1949 started designing and construction of a new superphosphate plant, equipped with advanced technology design capacity of 42 th. Tons / year, based on 100% of P2O5.

In June 1958, the plant was put into operation. Due to the increasing release of superphosphate in 1956 was the reconstruction of the sulfuric acid plant with an increase in output.

In 1953 it was installed a pilot - and production plant started production of ammoniated superphosphate. At the same time construction of ammoniated superphosphate plant design capacity of 45.5 thousand tons / year, based on 100% P2O5.

In 1962 - the shop was put into operation.

In 1964 he introduced the technology of producing ammoniated superphosphate under the new scheme - ammonization - drying - sieving - crushing.

In 1967, it installed two additional drum ammonize.

In 1971, the reconstruction of drying department. Cyclone replaced by cyclones with self-cleaning device. 

In 1973, the technological scheme enabled the machine to the COP for blasting fines and additional cooling superphosphate, including additional screening GIL - 52 - 2 pcs.

On the basis of the Resolution of the State Inspectorate for Air Protection from 19.07.1988 years to improve the ecological situation in the region for the production capacity of ammoniated superphosphate to 01/01/89 has been reduced by 21% and amounted to 36.5 thousand Tons/year.With the commissioning of the plant Kyzylkum phosphorite since April factory moved to the processing of local raw material - phosphate rock deposits of raw "Tashkura" and perform a recalculation capacity makes 178.0 thous. tons of ammoniated superphosphate in kind.

In 2004, the reconstruction of ammoniated superphosphate plant for the production of ammoniated superphosphate in granulated form and reduces dust and gas emissions.

By order of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 91 of 30.05.1997 year, one of the first in the chemical industry translated into a stock corporation and renamed JSC "Kokand superphosphate plant".

In 1997, with the final collapse of economic ties and the opening of national phosphate deposit in the Navoi region. Djeroy Sardar plant switched to processing of low-grade phosphate rock beats. weight 0.98 g / cm3 with P2O5 content of not less than 16% - thus to establish production capacity of ammoniated superphosphate simply carried out the work on behalf of OJSC "Uzkimesanoat loyiha" and determined the amount of the estimated capacity of 178 th. tons per year, or 21 thousand. t 100 % P2O5, approved by the Protocol of the technical council Uzkhimprom 11.07.2000g at present this power design acts state statistical report.

In 2003, the general designer of Chirchik «O'ZKIMYOSANOATLOYIHA» was developed by a working project "Reconstruction of ammonization, granulation, drying and classification of ammoniated superphosphate plant." The project provided for the ammonization 12% - aqueous ammonia solution in order to bring the power plant ammonization to 250 thousand tons of granulated superphosphate ammoniated by 2010. Developerprocessof "NIIGIPROHIMNAUKA." Russia, St. Petersburg.

- The design capacity of 250 thousand tons of ammoniated super phosphate in kind. In 2006, it performed "The modernization program technological lines ammoniated superphosphate plant" to improve the particle size distribution of the finished product:

Since April 2007, it has been established delivery phosphorite concentrate "Tashkura" of washed dried at TSh 81.2-23: 2006 with the general content of P2O5 (18-19)%.

 The initial product ammoniated superphosphate is ripe stock superphosphate phosphate flour from a simple "Tashkura" appropriate STF Uzbekistan 6.8-8: 2008.

Since March 2015 it has been established delivery of washed calcined phosphorite concentrate O'zDSt 2825-2014, with the total content of P2O5 (26)%. Since April 2015, the company began producing superphosphate ammoniated with essential nutrients P2O5 and 20%.